Orthodox Jews Discuss Proper Ways to Use Internet

By Glenn Wilburn (MyFoxNY.com)
May 20, 2012

More than 40,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews will meet at Citi Field in Flushing Sunday evening to discuss the dangers of the internet and organizers have also rented Arthur Ashe Stadium in case there is an overflow crowd.

The organizers will cite online pornography, gambling and even social media as undermining Judaism and its values.

Many conservative Jews do use the internet on computers or smart phones but television is banned of discouraged.

The rally is organized by a rabbinical group called Ichud Hakehillos Letohar Hamachane, which means Union of Communities for the Purity of the Camp.

Women will not be allowed at either stadium but the meeting will be broadcast live to audiences of women in schools and event halls in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.

Outside Citi Field, men and women who used to be Ultra-Orthodox held a counter protest.

The protesters argued that many conservative Jews need the internet for online trading or to run their businesses from home.