This Is What The NY Post Published About You

Yeshiva World News
May 24, 2012

The following was published in the N.Y. Post on May 24, 2012, by Andrea Peyser, Columnist:

"There exists in this city a group of unparalleled perverts that's wrapped in Teflon — more resistent (sic) to charges of sexual exploitation than John Travolta.

I'm not talking about Hollywood nimrods or Catholic priests, but a sect not generally associated with serious crime — ultra-Orthodox Jews."

Questions: Which other ethnic/religious group has ever been described like this in a major American news publication? Will the NY Post apologize? Will the owners of the NY Post, Rupert Murdoch controlled News Corp., take any action against Ms. Peyser and her editors? Where is the protest and demands from ADL and its like? Is it open season on attacking "ultra-Orthodox Jews"?

Dov Gordon – YWN

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