Re: Credit Where Credit is Due

Letter to the Editor - NY Times
May 26, 2012

While I thought the recent stories in The New York Times on child sexual abuse in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in New York were terrific in many respects, I was extremely disturbed by the failure to credit the important work of other individuals and periodicals you named in your column.

In particular, as a longtime reader of The Jewish Week, I know that the work of the reporter Hella Winston and the editor Gary Rosenblatt has been courageous and crucial. That they and The Jewish Week were never mentioned in The Times's stories is — to use the most polite of many terms that would apply here — simply unfair.

The criticisms made by Melissa Ludtke, Larry Cohler-Esses, Kelly McBride and you were on the mark.

In my view, the metro editor, Carolyn Ryan, and The New York Times owe a public apology to those you named who have made important contributions to the rising awareness of child sexual abuse in the ultra-Orthodox community.