Re: Credit Where Credit is Due

Letter to the Editor - NY Times
May 26, 2012

It warmed the cockles of my heart to read your column addressing The Times's reaction to the claims of the original explorers who beat the big boys. Congratulations are due to the public editor, who, with an adroit, oblique quasi-nod, apologized for the newspaper's failure to mention the unwashed who had been there first (and to the metro editor, Carolyn Ryan, who was equally verbally adroit).

Does The Times believe, in the spirit of truth and openness, that this was adequate — that an oblique quasi-nod from the public editor covered the case? If so, it is certainly instructive how the 1 percent of the media thrives over the wretched masses who don't miss a beat but just don't get the same attention.

Depew, N.Y.

Arthur S. Brisbane, public editor: The public editor operates independently of The Times. My column on the issue of proper credit was intended to offer a criticism, not an apology on behalf of The Times.