Re: Credit Where Credit is Due

Letter to the Editor - NY Times
May 26, 2012

A great and gutsy piece on crediting prior articles and journalistic sources. I'm especially sensitive to this issue as I write NYPD Confidential, an online column about the New York Police Department, and the mainstream media regularly pick up my stories but rarely credit me. For what it's worth, The Times has been meticulous in that regard, always citing my columns when warranted.

Two stories that come to mind: Commissioner Raymond Kelly's privileges at the Harvard Club, secretly paid for by the Police Foundation, and the police department's secretly contacting its own informant — without informing the F.B.I. — during the joint F.B.I./N.Y.P.D. investigation of Najibullah Zazi, the subway bomb plotter. In both instances, The Times's stories that followed attributed my earlier columns.

As you noted, attribution from the mainstream media is so important. Being out there all alone, whether an online column or a weekly newspaper, isn't easy.

Stamford, Conn.