Brooklyn's DA Says No Prosecution For Rabbis Who Warn Of Mesirah

Charles Hynes misstates the law and flat out lies in a long radio interview aired tonight.

By Failed Messiah blog
June 4, 2012

Quick points:

1. Charles Hynes has not "prosecuted" 99 haredim through Kol Tzedel or since Kol Tzedek was opened. Even giving him every case that he erroneously (or deceitfully) claims as a Kol Tzedek case, many have not yet been prosecuted.

2. Rabbi Yehuda Kolko is NOT on th sex offender registry because Charles Hynes gave him a sweetheart plea deal that allowed him to avoid it and avoid jail – this even though he had two victims willing to testify and a wealth of evidence against Kolko.

3. Rabbis are not exempt from obstruction of justice prosecution just because they are rabbis citing their interpretation of halakha, Jewish law. When a religious law from any religion conflicts with American civil or criminal law. American law must be followed.

These are just three of the many inaccuracies and outright lies Hynes told tonight. You can listen below to hear the rest.