Haredi Pedophile Innocent, Republican Liaison Intimates

By Shmarya Rosenberg (FailedMessiah.com)
June 15, 2012

Yossi Gestetner, the New York State Republican Party's new Liaison to the Jewish community, is now defending a haredi pedophile who admitted to molesting two little haredi brothers, one 7-years-old, the other 9-years-old.

The pedophile?

Shmul Dym, who pleaded guilty yesterday in Rockland County to felony counts of sexually molesting two little haredi brothers, 7-years-old and 9-years-old.

Dym got 10 years probation without any prison time because reportedly the victims' parents did not want their children to testify.

The family had been pressured and harassed by haredi rabbis who wanted the charges against Dym to be dropped.

The family didn't completely give in, but they did (apparently) decide they would prefer a plea deal be made rather than to have to put their children through the ordeal of testifying.

Enter Yossi Gestetner, the haredi apologist who is the new Jewish Liaison of the New York State Republican Party.

Gestetner often defends haredi criminals, and even though he's now an official of New York State's Republican Party, he continues to do so.

Yossi Gestetner writes via email:

The reason Dym got only probation and not prison is simple: The Rockland County's DA's office was not confident they had enough and/or strong evidence to put him away so giving a deal is the easiest way for a DA to secure a "success." Dym on the other hand, had two options: Take a plea which comes (only) with probation and the sex registry, or stand trial facing many years in prison if the Jury somehow fund him guilty. To avoid these chances (and after 9 months of back and forth in the legal system), he took the plea.

Absent from Gestetner's calculation s the behavior of the haredi rabbis and community leaders he so often shills for. There is no mention of the harassment against the family or the threats.

Instead, it's just a 'weak case,' another guilty haredi criminal who is really innocent, a DA seeking to keep his success rate high, and by implication, a persecuted haredi man who really is not a criminal.

This isn't the first haredi pedophile or accused pedophile Gestner has sleazed for.

Last month, he served as a spokesperson for hasidim raising money for the defense fund of accused child rapist Rabbi Nechemya Weberman, who is on trial – sort of – for allegedly raping a female child over a period of years.

Among other things, Gestetner defended the public demonization of that alleged rape victim by hasidim.

Gestetner also refused to show any sympathy or empathy for the victim when asked, and intimated that hasidim had no halakhic obligation to do so – even though there is a massive amount of evidence against Weberman and no known evidence that the girl is lying.

And so goes the parallel universe of Yossi Gestetner, official Republican Party representative, noted sleaze.