In The Pocket Of The DA

By Shmarya Rosenberg (Failed Messiah blog)
June 21, 2012

The New York Daily News, viewed by insiders as a reliable mouthpiece for Brooklyn's D.A. Charles Hynes, accidentally exposes some of Hynes' corruption.

First, here's the Daily News' error-ridden story on the new Kolko trial, clearly based on incorrect information given to it by Hynes' office:

Contempt trial starts for Brooklyn rabbi
Joel Kolko allegedly violated order of protection against boy, 12

Two encounters between a 12-year-old walking to shul and his one-time yeshiva teacher are the subject of a criminal contempt trial that kicked off Wednesday.

While cases involving violations of an order of protection rarely go to trial, this one did and has gained widespread attention.

That's because the defendant is a rabbi who was once accused of molesting the boy, and Brooklyn prosecutors have taken heat on the issue of sex abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community in recent months.

The kid and his dad say Joel Kolko, 65, glared at the child on two occasions in November 2010 despite a stay-away order.

Kolko was charged in 2006 with sexually abusing the boy. He took a deal two years later, pleading guilty to child endangerment. He got no jail time but was ordered to stay away from the child.

A few months after the boy's family moved two blocks away from Kolko's Midwood home, the two crossed paths on the way to Sabbath services. The following Friday, they encountered the rabbi again, prosecutors say.

But defense lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz says that earlier that day, Kolko's wife saw the boy's father looking in their mailbox, "scoping him out . . . trying to find out where he lives."

Here's the truth:

1. Kolko, one of the most prolific and notorious child molesters in haredi history, was protected by powerful Agudath Israel rabbis for more than three decades.

2. Hynes gave Kolko a sweetheart plea deal no normal prosecutor would have given a defendant like Kolko: no prison time, no felony conviction, no sex offender registry.

3. The families of the two complaining witnesses were bullied and tricked by the DA's office into accepting that plea – a fact they confirmed and which was reported by The Jewish Week.

4. Kolko reportedly moved to Lakewood after taking the sweetheart deal.

5. This boy's family moved after that to a Brooklyn neighborhood.

6. In 2010, Kolko back from Lakewood, moved into a house in that same neighborhood.

7. It was at this time that Kolko began walking down the boy's block and parking near the boy's home, which is blocks away from the house Kolko moved into.

8. It took multiple complaints to the police before cops finally arrested Kolko – and that only happened after he disregarded their warnings to stay away from the boy and his family.

Yaniv's story is clearly based on info given him by the DA's office – info that is false and that hurts the victim and his family.

Hynes has recently publicly belittled the victim's father, as well – something Yaniv doesn't mention.

This article is meant to mitigate Kolko's behavior.

This isn't simply Yaniv's error; it is Hynes lies, leaked to cover himself in case he loses this prosecution – something he may actually be planning to do.