DA Claims To Have "Locked Up" 102 Haredi Pedophiles

By Shmarya Rosenberg (Failed Messiah blog)
June 20, 2012

Brooklyn's District Attorney Charles Hynes makes the demonstrably false claim that he has "locked up" 102 haredi pedophiles since launching Kol Tzedek in October 2009.

As you read this, remember that Hynes' own information does not show anything like 102 convictions, and most the convictions he does have don't seem to involve serving any prison time.

Also note that this claim is absurd on its face:

"[The names of accused haredi child sexual abusers] are in the public record and [by refusing to release their names] we are just making it more difficult for defendants and their friends to identity the victims."

By law, the defendants know the names of their accusers, as do their attorneys and anyone else the defendants choose to tell – including haredi community leaders, including you.

Hynes can't keep his lies straight, as you can see from this new DNAinfo report:

...No prosecutorial plan, however, is perfect, Hynes said.

"I knew there would be flak" over his adopted method of not publicizing the sex crime arrests, he said.

"I should have made it clearer from the beginning we were not embargoing names," he explained.

"They are in the public record and we are just making it more difficult for defendants and their friends to identity the victims."

Some critics say he is shielding names to curry favor for support from the politically active Jewish community.

"If you think I am giving preferential treatment to these people, don't you think I have a strange way of showing my gratitude for their support?" he said. "I have locked up 102 of them."

Hynes believes the recent spotlight, including the darts thrown at him, has brought welcome attention to the problem and a suggestion from former Mayor Ed Koch that he go after the intimidators if they cross the legal line.

"I thought it was a good idea," he said of a new task force that he expects will lead to arrests for strong arm tactics.

"And I hope it will have a chilling effect," he said. "If we get lucky with the task force, the break may be monumental.

"We are going to keep going forward," he concluded. "And if the day comes when the pattern of intimidation has been dramatically reduced, I don't care how much abuse I get."

The problem is lies and corruption is the mother's milk of Brooklyn politics and law enforcement.

In Minneapolis or Seattle or Portland, a guy like Hynes would be run out of town on a rail.

In Brooklyn, he simply counts his bloc votes and is confident that this scandal too will almost certainly pass without removing him from office.