Police Investigate Alleged Sex Abuse at Religious Camp

By Alexandra Weishaupt (Hudson Valley News)
August 14, 2012

State Police are investigating a case of alleged sex abuse at an orthodox religious summer camp in Sullivan County. YNN's Alexandra Weishaupt has more on the allegations.

“The camp takes what happened extremely seriously,” said Attorney Y. David Scharf, camp spokesperson.

It’s a case of alleged sex abuse at Camp Shalva, an Orthodox summer camp in South Fallsburg, according to the New York Post.

“The age of the kids who are at camp range from grade through middle school,” said Scharf.

The paper says in the early hours Wednesday morning, it was one particular group that was singled-out by an alleged registered sex offender.

“He showed up at the camp on a particular morning and was out of the camp relatively quickly,” said Scharf.

According to reports, the offender is a Kosher-food deliveryman who made way into a bunkhouse of seventh and eighth grade Brooklyn-based boys and proceeded to sexually molest them. The boys complained and surveillance tapes were reviewed.

“The matter was promptly reported to local law enforcement,” said Scharf.

But according to Scharf, they don’t have any information that leads to them to believe kids were actually molested.

“Unfortunately, the rumor mill always gets out of control when you start adding up certain pieces and the fact that there was a report to a local prosecutor and a state police investigation, word can spread like wildfire and wildfire is often spread out of control,” said Scharf.

Police have neither confirmed nor denied the alleged allegations.

“We’re going to leave it to the state and local law enforcement as to whether or not a crime occurred,” said Scharf.