Sex Offender Allegedly Wanders Into Boys Camp In Sullivan County

By News 12 Hudson News
August 19, 2012

Orthodox Jewish communities in the area are in shock after a sex offender was allegedly caught wandering into a boys camp in Sullivan County.

Registered sex offender, Yoel Oberlander, was charged with criminal trespassing at Camp Shalva on August 9. Investigators say Oberlander, 32, works for a Kosher food company and was making a delivery to the camp. Cops also say that he was later caught on camera entering a bunkhouse where young boys were sleeping.

Victims' rights advocates believe that the parents of the children involved are too fearful to come forward and tell the whole story. They believe that if the children were allowed to tell their stories, Oberlander would be charged with more than criminal trespassing.

Oberlander's lawyer claims the whole incident is a misunderstanding.

News 12 Westchester's calls to Camp Shalva have not been returned.