Principal Emanuel Yegutkin Now On Trial Almost 4 Years After Arrest For Sexually Abusing Two Teens

By Yerachmiel Lopin (Frum Follies blog)
October 16, 2012

Emanuel Yegutkin is now in the second day of his trial before Judge D. Riviezzo, in Kings County Supreme Court, Part 14 (case # 00902-2009).

According to the Daily News, of January 26, 2009, “Two teenage boys told cops they endured years of sexual abuse at the hands of a Brooklyn high school principal, … Emanuel Yegutkin, 30, [who] was suspended … from Elite High School, a private Jewish school in Bensonhurst with mainly Russian-American students. Yegutkin forced a 17-year-old into lewd sex acts from the age of 7 to 14, cops said. He subjected a 19-year-old to five years of fondling, beginning when the teen was 12, police said.”

According to Hella Winston of the Jewish Week, “According to several sources close to Ohel, Yegutkin — who also worked as a camp counselor and volunteer Hatzolah medic — had been seen at Ohel for this issue prior to his arrest, apparently referred there by a rabbi in the community.”

Yegutkin’s trial started yesterday, October 15. I am awaiting reports from those attending the trial.

It is scandalous that a man like this is out on bail for almost 4 years awaiting trial.

I shudder to think of the needless pain to his victims who are waiting for justice. These long windows aren’t just painful to victims; they create additional opportunities for those who would intimidate witnesses.

[Update 10-16-12, 4 pm] Yesterday and today were taken up with motions. Jury selection starts tomorrow, Wed 10/16/12 at 9 am]