Rabbi Convicted Of Pedophilia To Be Released From Prison, Will Become Rebbe

By Shmarya Rosenberg (Failed Messiah blog)
March 7, 2013

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Roth could not take over as a Shomrei Emunim Rebbe when his father passed away in August last year, even though his father wanted him to.

When Roth's father the Shomrei Emunim Rebbe died, the rebbe's will was opened and it said that all four sons were appointed rebbes.

His eldest son, Rabbi Raphael Aharon, was appointed as rebbe in Bnei Brak. Rabbi Gedaliah Moshe was appointed rebbe in Ashdod. Rabbi Shlomo’s son was appointed Rebbe in Jerusalem.

The Beit Shemesh Shomrei Emunim community was left without a rebbe – temporarily – because Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak could not fill the role.


Because he was serving a long prison sentence for rape, sodomy, sexual abuse of a minor, incest and obstruction of justice.

Roth is now in the 12th year of his sentence. He has claimed since his arrest that he was being set up by opponents. He has never admitted guilt or apologized.

Roth will be released from prison today, Behadrei Haredim reports, after serving his full sentence.

He is expected to open a hasidic court in Beit Shemesh, just as his father wanted him to do.