Why Did The Lakewood Establishment and Rav Belsky Get It Wrong?

By Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn (Daas Torah blog)
May 14, 2013

Now that Kolko has confessed to being a molester, the big question is why didn't his supporters realize this? The supporters who insisted that rabbis can properly investigated and deal with judging the guilt or innocence. The big resistance to going to the police has been the insistence that these matters should be handled within the community. There is no question that the Kolko case was not handled properly within the community. It was because of the establishment rabbis that Kolko was allowed to stay in the community and have access to others.

How is Lakewood going to justify not only facilitating a child molester to continue to go free but also persecuting his victims. How is Rabbi Belsky going to explain his "investigation" and public declaration not only of Kolko's innocence but that it was prohibited to go to the police. If the victim had not gone to the police, there is no doubt that Kolko would have destroyed many other innocent lives from our community. In fact it was only because other victims suddenly came forward that he confessed. How many more victims are there? Even now in England the community is intimidating victims from testifying in the Halpern case.

Hopefully G-d will give these rabbinic leaders the understanding to make major changes in the way they deal with such cases in the future. Hopefully they will no longer try to destroy those who feel that the police and secular justice system are the only way to properly deal with these cases. Hopefully they will wake up before their own children and grandchildren suffer from this illness.

Perhaps they will even publicly acknowledge the serious errors that they have made in the past and promise not to do repeat them in the future.