Camp Allegedly Tried To Cover Up Molestation, Tried To Help Molester Flee Country, Did Not Report Alleged Crime To Police

By Shamrya Rosenberg (Failed Messiah blog)
July 14, 2013

After a counselor at the Orthodox Camp Dora Golding in the Poconos allegedly sexually abused a young male camper Wednesday night, camp administrators tried to help the counselor flee to Canada, a person intimately familiar with the case told today.

What’s more, the alleged abuse – which, was told, was surreptitiously videoed by a young camper who was suspicious of the counselor’s actions – was reported to police by a parent, not by camp officials, officials who also failed to tell the alleged victim’s parents about the alleged abuse, the source claimed.

The video is not in possession of camp officials, and it will allegedly be turned over to prosecutors today or tomorrow morning.

The counselor, 19-year-old Chisdai Ben-porat of Ottawa, Canada, was arrested Thursday night because he was deemed to be a flight risk.

Ben-porat was arraigned Friday morning and held until he produced $20,000 bail that afternoon. He was also required to surrender his passport.

Camp Dora Golding is an Orthodox sleepover camp. Its campers predominantly come from right wing Modern Orthodox homes. It has separate boys and girls divisions located several miles apart in the Pocono Mountains.