Breaking- Lebovits Case Adjourned Till January 23

By Yerachiel Lopin (Frum Follies blog)
November 19, 2013

The Honorable Judge Mark Dwyer held this morning’s scheduled Brooklyn Supreme Court session in the case of Baruch (Mordechai) Lebovits. In accordance with the agreement between DA Charles (Joe) Hynes and DA-elect, Kenneth (Ken) Thompson, the case was adjourned till January 23. There were some sessions between attorneys in chambers. In public, Lebovits’ defense attorney, Arthur Aidala insisted there was no missing tape. Alan Dershowitz complained about the case being politicized. One of them (my information is ambiguous) complained about the politicization involved in the letter so many of you signed asking the judge to adjourn the case until irregularities in the case were investigated. I should also add, that Alan Dershowitz insisted that the suicide of the newlywed, Motty Borger was not molested by Baruch Lebovits. Clearly our letter is bothering Dershowitz.

Judge Dwyer wisely sidestepped all these objections and said that in any event his calendar was crowded with trials for the next few months and insisted the earliest he could deal with the case again was January 23. This will give the Thompson camp enough time to dig into it.

Apparently, Lebovits and chevrah (buddies) think citizens shouldn’t write to judges. Well, we showed them otherwise. It was common wisdom that we could not stop a sweetheart plea deal. Well, it has been definitively stopped and the prosecution will now rest with the incoming Thompson administration. I am finally very optimistic that this case will be properly prosecuted. Nobody can guarantee the outcome of a prosecution, but I am very optimistic that the case will be handled with diligence, integrity, and professional skill. I also believe we will learn some more shocking things about how the Hynes administration mishandled this case (like so many others).