Kellner Attorney Calls Forward Journalist "Lazy, Shoddy, Dishonest" – And Proves It

By Shmarya Rosenberg (Failed Messiah blog)
November 24, 2013

Sam Kellner's attorney Niall MacGiollabhui wrote a long letter to the Forward rightly criticizing Paul Berger's mistake-ridden, biased article on Kellner published November 14.

If you don't know the case, Kellner's attorney's letter will be difficult to follow. So I suggest you read my refutation of Berger's article first. It will make Kellner's attorney's letter somewhat easier to follow.

In his response, Berger essentially claims the Forward did not give Kellner and his attorney extended excerpts from the tape that supposedly incriminates him because Berger did not want to be scooped by a leak from Kellner. How this excuses publishing a hit piece full of inaccuracies is beyond me. But even more so, how can that be used as an excuse not to give Kellner extended excerpts now?

Kellner's attorney calls Berger a "useful idiot" for the Lebovits family and calls him a lazy, shoddy reporter – all true in my estimation.

But most devastating are the number of things Kellner's attorney points out Berger did not know about the case and Berger's near-complete lack of curiosity about the actual evidence.

He also tries to avoid Kellner's attorney's desire to have the tape forensically evaluated to see if it was doctored in any way by claiming that the Forward "verified the authenticity of the tape before publication" – without saying that verification process did not include an evaluation by a forensic expert.

Plow your way through Kellner's attorney's letter – there's some very strong evidence against Berger in there – along with Berger's brief response and my takedown of Berger's original article.

And then ask yourself why Berger is still working at the Forward and why the Forward's editors still have jobs.

The letter from Samuel Kellner's attorney Niall MacGiollabhui can be read here.

Paul Berger's response can be read here.