Open Letter To Rabbi Yair Hoffman ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) who published a despicable article linking the GLBT community with pedophiles


Your Despicable Op-Ed Piece

Dear Rabbi Hoffman,

I write to you as a Modern Orthodox Jew who lives in Teaneck. I have a wife and three children. I happen to be a heterosexual, not that that is at all relevant -- I was simply born that way.

I am also a victim of sexual abuse -- molested by an Orthodox rabbi when I was thirteen years old in Camp Dora Golding. I spoke of my experiences in an article earlier this year in The Jewish Week, and later addressed the RCA on the topic of sexual abuse of children in Jewish Institutions.

How dare you. How dare you compare and confuse gender issues and sexual preferences with crimes that leave victims for life.

How dare you lump together complex social issues with clear crimes against children, against humanity.

Over the last year:

-- Did you speak our against the convicted rapist and pedophile Nechemya Weberman?

-- Did you speak out against the the convicted pedophile Yosef Kolko and the Lakewood cover up, and the persecution of the victim and his family by Rabbi Yisroel Belsky of Torah VoDaas and the Orthodox Union?

-- Did you speak out in solidarity with the victims of sexual abuse over many years at MTA, Yeshiva University's high school?

-- Have you ever spoken our about the sexual abuse that occurs EVERY DAY in the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox communities?

-- Did you speak out last summer when yet another child was sexually abused in Camp Dora Golding?

How dare you.

How dare you lump together issues of sexual preference with indescribable crimes against children that leave a lifetime of emotional scars.

Like too many other rabbis in our community, you pride yourself on your commitment to Mizvot Bain Adam LaMakom, and set aside the concern for Mitzvot Bain Adam LeChaveiro.

On Shabbat, when you go to Shul, look at all the children running around, playing, learning, Davening, and think about what you would say, what you would do, what you would give, to protect them from the real dangers of abuse.

How dare you.

David Cheifetz