Joseph Schwartz Arrested Yesterday on Charges of Sex Abuse

By Yerachmiel Lopin (Frum Follies blog)
January 30, 2014

NY Police arrested Fifty-two-year-old Joseph Schwartz  yesterday on allegations of forcible touching, sexual abuse in the third degree, and harassment according to the New York State Criminal Justice WebCrims database. He was arraigned this morning in Kings County Criminal Court. If there are felony charges they may still be preparing a grand jury indictment, after which the case will be moved to Kings County Supreme Court.

According to Mr. Boorey Deutsch, Schwartz is a Pupa Hasid from Williamsburg who makes his living as a badchan (a jester who entertains at weddings and other events). Deutsch also alleges that the Vaad of Kiryas Joel finally supported the victim in reporting, over three years after the abuse, but backtracked once the charge was actually filed and Schwartz was arrested.

If you or someone you know was abused by Joseph Schwartz please contact NYPD Special Victims Division at (646) 610-7272 immediately.