Brooklyn activist injured in bleach attack for outing pedophiles in Jewish community sues assailant

By Stephen Rex Brown, Christina Carrega-Woodby (The NY Daily News)
September 3, 2015

A well-known Brooklyn advocate against child sex abuse who was attacked with Clorox as retribution for outing pervs on the Internet is suing his attacker.

Nathan Rosenberg was attacked on Dec. 11, 2012, by Meilech Schnitzler with Clorox after revealing information about pedophiles victimizing the Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish community.

"This is Brooklyn, not Syria," charged Rosenberg's attorney Robert Tolchin.

"If there's a disagreement you go to court. You don't take the law into your own hands and maim someone," he said.

The incident followed the high-profile sex abuse jury trial of Nechemya Weberman, a therapist who was sentenced to 103 years for having an ongoing sexual relationship with a minor he counseled.

Rosenberg, 65, spoke out against Weberman, upsetting members of the community, and apparently provoking Schnitzler.

"Some rabbis in the Orthodox community have spoken out against Rosenberg and have branded him an 'informer' or 'rat' for speaking to law enforcement about sexual misconduct by other members of the community," according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Schnitzler, 39, pleaded guilty to throwing bleach into Rosenberg's eyes and is currently on five years probation. At his sentencing in June 2014, Rosenberg turned his nose up at his assailant when he asked for forgiveness.

Rosenberg suffered permanent injuries to his eyes, and requires constant eye drops, physical therapy and medication.

Schnitzler's "actions were beyond the limits of human decency," and Rosenberg is "entitled to recover punitive and exemplary damages, in addition to his actual damages,” the suit says.