Haredi Entertainer Accused Of Molestation Released To House Arrest

Prosecutor argues David Bruckner a danger to society because he is frequently visited by children

by Aviad Glickman (Yediot Achronot)
January 31, 2010

Haredi entertainer David Bruckner, who is accused of molesting a 12-year-old boy, will be released from custody, Jerusalem Magistrates' Court Judge Shirley Renner ruled Sunday.

During a court hearing prosecutor Hila Ben-Izri motioned to keep Bruckner in custody until all legal proceedings against him are completed.

She claimed that there was new evidence in the form of transcripts and tapes of the complainant's inquiry, as well as an additional testimony from the entertainer's neighbor, who claimed to have seen the defendant standing in his house entrance with his pants pulled down below his knees saying goodbye to an 11-year-old boy a year ago.

Ben-Izri claimed that the additional evidence supports the case and provides further proof of the boy's credibility while boosting the cause of arrest.

"Beyond the danger stemming from his acts, their gravity and their abundance, the investigation material clearly suggests that he is a known child entertainer in his community, and that many children at the age of the complainant frequently visit his house," Ben-Izri said.

She stated that Bruckner would pose greater danger should he remain in his house.

Bruckner's attorney David Halevy said that his client conducted himself in a normal manner and that there is an alternative to an arrest, under which the defendant would stay fully supervised in his home.

According to Halevy, the probation service's evaluation states that Bruckner should be released to house arrest. He further claimed that his client's name and photograph were published by the media and therefore the possibility of a child visiting his house is unlikely.

Justice Renner ruled that despite the gravity of the offences attributed to Bruckner, and in light of the fact that the probation service determined that the arrest alterative was appropriate, he should be released to house arrest under full supervision.