Hasidic activist Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg: Parents in Kiryas Joel scared to send children to school

By News 12
May 17, 2016

KIRYAS JOEL - A longtime Hasidic activist is speaking out against an alleged child sex abuse cover-up involving the principal of United Talmudical Academy and young boys in Kiryas Joel.

Outspoken Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg has been a voice for what he says are otherwise silenced, sexually abused Hasidic children for nearly two decades.

The 66-year-old's activism has shunned him from his own community in Brooklyn. He also says there are parents in Kiryas Joel who have reached out to him who are scared to send their kids to school but have no other option.

While the yeshiva and parents themselves are defending the principal, Rosenberg says what's happening here is clear.

"People know what this is all about so the pattern goes that he's giving grandfatherly love," he says.

Rosenberg says the intensely private, ultra-Orthodox community has long turned a blind eye to repeated, child sex abuse.

"They don't read outside world books, they don't know nothing. - And that's why folks in the community will defend the principal? - Right, so what he touched him!"

In the meantime, the principal is believed to still be in school.

So far, there have been no arrests, despite a state and federal investigation.

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