Mendy Israel Remains on the Board of the Boro Park Y in Spite of a Child Molesting Indictment

By Yerachmiel Lopin (Frum Follies blog)
June 4, 2016

You expect a facility providing youth activities to steer clear of staff and board members indicted for felony child sexual abuse.

But 44-year-old, Boro Park Y board-member, Mendy (aka Shmuel, Samuel) Israel, was arrested on felony child sex abuse charges on March 2, 2016. This was publicized by Jewish Community Watch on March 3rd and yet he is still on the board three months later, as of June 4th.

This is insane. It puts kids at risk. Even if he doesn’t set foot in the building, his membership on the board sends the message that he is respectable and trustworthy with kids. This puts kids outside the building at risk.

Any organization with a meaningful child safety policy would have forced him to resign or at least suspended his board membership pending resolution of his criminal charges.

A responsible organization would take additional steps. It would hire an independent outside investigator to determine if Mendy Israel molested any children at the Y. As part of the investigation, it would send out letters to past and present Y members and users informing them of the investigation and encouraging them to cooperate with the investigation and also encouraging them to report any abuse to the police investigators at the Brooklyn sex crimes unit (718-230-4418).

DO NOT GO TO THE 66th PRECINCT IN BORO PARK. They are corrupt and on the take from the local askanim. A number of high ranking police officers who served in the 66th were recently suspended based on allegations of taking bribes from Haredi askanim.

One might consider talking to the board chair about it, but that would probably be pointless because it is Mendy’s father, Chaim Israel a macher, a former member of Brooklyn’s Community Board 12 who lost out in 2008 to up and coming David Greenfield.

Any decent organizational board would force Daddy to give up on protecting junior or to also leave the board. But this is Haredi Boro Park where there is talk about child safety but not much action. This is Boro Park where the Shomrim patrols are diligent about dangers from gentiles, but less so if the molester is Jewish, and most molesting in Boro Park is committed by other Haredim.

I urge all those using the Y to pressure the board to drop Mendy Israel from its board. I urge donors to withhold gifts until the Y corrects its course.

I would also urge concerned adults to inform others about the risks lurking in the Boro Park Y.

In the meantime, do not be lulled by all the talk about how the frum community is finally coming to grips with child abuse and child safety. It is still mostly talk.