Man, 59, busted for trying to lure Jewish boys to his Brooklyn home

By Kerry Burke, John Annese, Reuven Blau (NY Daily News)
March 30, 2017

Police have arrested a man they say tried to lure young, at least two, Jewish boys to his Borough Park apartment by putting notes with his phone number in their tefillin bags.

Menachem Tyk, 59, allegedly put the notes into the bags used to keep the small Scripture-filled boxes which observant Jews wrap around their arm and perch on their forehead during morning prayers.

"Call me, it's important," one note read, according to a police source.

When 13-year-old boy called, the person who picked up asked, “do you touch yourself?”

He asked another alleged 14-year-old victim to “pet him everywhere,” the police source said.

An adult in the community got wind of the missives, and called the number, pretending to be a young kid, according to a source.

“You wouldn’t believe what this guy said,” said the source, who heard a recording of the call. “He was trying get the boy to come back to his apartment for all these sex things.”

Tyk was being arraigned on charges of reckless endangerment and harassment Thursday night. He was unavailable to comment at press time.

Neighbors said he lived alone, and kept to himself.

“I would never believe he was a child molester,” said neighbor Zissy Twersky. “He talks to all the boys in the building. But nothing more than a friendly hello.”