Ramani v. Segelstein

SFJ has joined in an Amicus Curiae Brief to the Supreme Court of Nevada on a case in which a synagogue accused of protecting an abuser is seeking special treatment under the law. In it, we explain to the court that "SFJ's goal is to ensure that within our insular Community abuse is dealt with in a manner that complies with civil laws. Indeed, halacha (Jewish law) mandates compliance with civil law under the principle of dina demalchusa dina, literally, the “law of the land is binding.”  Many SFJ participants reported their abuse to rabbis and administrators of religious schools and institutions only to see bet dins (religious tribunals) convened resulting in the abusers being protected. A serious issue confronting victims of abuse in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community is the pressure placed by the community’s religious leaders upon its members to keep all matters within.  SFJ’s interest in this case is that it stands for the belief that only adjudication by the civil justice system can protect our children from the abuse of power that allows predators to operate freely within our schools and religious institutions.