He Breaks Confidentiality Agreement and Story of Pedophile Priest Goes All Over the Globe

April 23, 2010

In his Windsor, Vermont, home, Joe Callander knew, within days the Associated Press was breaking a story he'd kept secret from almost everyone in his life. Since a 1993 legal settlement, he thought the Xaverian Missionary Fathers agreed to keep his serial rapist Mario Pezzotti away from children, so Joe agreed to maintain confidentiality about the crimes he endured, as we described in Part One. Then weeks ago, he saw pictures of the pedophile priest in Brazil surrounded by near-naked native children, and Joe Callander went public with his story. 

"I just told my siblings in the last two weeks," he told City of Angels. "My brother took it pretty well, I know my sister was alright with it, she was glad I did."

The AP story broke April 14: AP IMPACT: Predator priests shuffled around globe

And within days a CBS News Crew was in Joe Callander's small town home recording his story. Then Joe came to Boston to take part in a press conference and ceremonially mail the letter to the Vatican you can read here: To Cardinal Levada, Vatican, From Joe Callander, Survivor, Re Mario Pezzotti, Pedophile Priest, and Church Complicity. Mailed from Boston USA April 16, 2010.

Real hero here is Bill Nash, who found the photos online, while going through 25-page newsletters in Italian he purviews now and then online, to track movements of his own perpetrator, Xaverian Fr. James Tully. Nash got the original information to the AP, after showing the photos to Joe, and Bill then ran press events when Joe Callander came to Massachusetts from Vermont.

"I'd never done anything like that in my life," Joe said, "I purposely avoid having anything to do with a lot of people. We just live pretty private, put it that way. And then this came out and it's surprising."

Here is a sampling of coverage that resulted: 

Ordem religiosa defende atuação no Brasil de padre acusado de ...‎ – O Globo

Igreja transfere padres acusados de abusos para o Brasil‎ – Diário de Notícias – Lisb

Pedofilia: accuse a prete di Marone‎ – Qui Brescia

Pedofilia. Prometeo: A Parma prete che abusò di americano‎ – Diregiovani

天主教會30次外調性侵案神父‎香港新浪網 -
美聯社取得50年前曾在麻省強姦男童卡蘭德(Joe Callander)的神父佩佐蒂(Mario Pezzotti)攝於巴西的近照,他笑容滿臉抱着一名幾乎赤裸的亞馬遜小童


How Joe Callander's neighbors reacted says a lot about rural Vermont life:

After keeping the secret for fifty years, the confidentiality agreement for seventeen years, Joe said, "The story came out and it's surprising. Not one person in the town of Windsor has said a thing about it."

Joe said of his life before boarding school: "I thought priests were the greatest thing on earth, I wanted to be a priest when I came to that school. Then I saw two priests abusing confessional. I still don't sleep well at night."

Joe Callander is glad he broke his Confidentiality Agreement with the Xaverian Missionary Fathers and the Catholic Church.

"I really wish they would try to sue me now," he laughed, "if they did, I'd make a big stink out of that, I'd have them by their short hairs."

By Kay Ebeling, Producer, The City of Angels Is Everywhere

See Coverage of Callander's Press Statement YouTube Video Here

Read the letters sent to Joe by the Xaverian religious order convincing him Mario Pezotti would never perpetrate again: Perp Priest Handwritten Apology to Victim, Other Documents of Betrayal (Click to Enlarge)


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