Letter to The Editor - FTJS

It has taken quite a while but finally we are on the same page. Reb Eliyashuv has said it over a year ago and now Ohel has finally come around and said it outright and clearly "CALL the COPS". Please I beg you, do not hesitate. If you or a family member or friend, believe they are a victim of abuse by a stranger, known member of the community, friend or family member, DO NOT HESITATE, call the cops!!!! They know how to deal with the situation. They know how to be discreet. They know about our religious beliefs and are sensitive to our needs. NO, we cannot handle this on our own. NO do not stop and pass go or your local Rabbi. This is not a halachic issue. If you get tied up with questions you will allow the abuser to hurt another person and that will be your achrius as it has been for decades. If we are talking about an older perpetrator, think for a second why you or your family member has become a victim. It is because the prior victim did not go to the police and report the abuse. Had they done so, you or your family member would not be in the situation you are in. STOP THE CYCLE OF ABUSE NOW. Scared victims are an abusers best friend and accomplice. Stop protecting the abusers, cut them off at the knees and other body parts. Go to straight to the police and report them just as you would a lesser crime such as a theft or burglary. Why consider your jewelry and your money more valuable than your body and soul? You have a responsibility to yourselves and your Jewish community to put an end to abuse and molestation in our generation.

-- aries2756