Judge Warns Rabbi to Stay Away From Boy

by Samuel Newhouse (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
November 21, 2010

A Brooklyn Criminal Court judge recently warned a yeshiva teacher, who previously pled guilty to child endangerment, to avoid his former victims after he was arrested for staring at a 12-year-old boy he allegedly molested in the past.
Rabbi Yehuda Kolko allegedly stopped and glared at the child, who had an order of protection against him, as they crossed paths on a street on Nov. 12.

The boy was among the students that Kolko, a former teacher at Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Midwood, was accused of molesting in 2006.

Kolko eventually pled guilty to child endangerment, and now a civil lawsuit against the school is pending. The boy in question is set to testify in March.

After the boy's father complained to police that the child was "retraumatized" by the encounter, Kolko was arrested over the weekend and arraigned before Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Evelyn Laporte.

Judge Laporte released Kolko on his own recognizance but warned him to stay away from his accusers.