Crown Heights Beit Din Says Report Child Sexual Abuse To Police

By Failed Messiah blog
July 11, 2011

Mesirah (the prohibition against informing) and arka'ot (the prohibition against going to secular courts) do not apply in situations where there is evidence of abuse, and it is forbidden to remain silent, beit din says.


I'm told there was a meeting with the beit din Sunday that lasted more than four hours. Victims told the two beit din members who attended (Rabbis Schwei and Brown) about pedophiles in Crown Heights who sexually abused them.

I'm told one rabbi in particular was cited as a pedophile and several of his victims were at the meeting.

This rabbi lived in Israel – apparently in Ma'ale Adumim – for a time and may have served a short prison term there.

I was told about him last week, but I wouldn't post the name until I had independent confirmation or until two victims would tell me their stories – and their real names.

Tonight a person who works with Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg called me to tell me about the beit din meeting. Nuchem was there, and told this person about the the rabbi and the testimony of the rabbi's victims.

So here are two pictures of the alleged pedophile, Rabbi Moshe Keller:

keller1       keller2