Jewish Newspapers Criticize Charles Hynes Over Sex Abuse Cases

The Brooklyn Politics
November 23, 2011

On November 11th, Paul Berger wrote an article in the Jewish Daily Forward criticizing Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes:

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes claims to have arrested an unprecedented 89 men on child sex-abuse charges in the ultra-Orthodox communities in Brooklyn over the past two years — but declines to provide any details backing up the numbers or to give the status of any of the cases.

Sexual abuse survivors and their advocates have long harried Hynes for allegedly overlooking molesters in the borough's tight-knit, ultra-Orthodox communities. They charge that Hynes fears political retaliation from the borough's powerful rabbinic leaders and their bloc-voting Orthodox voters.

Hynes heatedly denies this. And the data he offered the Forward seems to suggest a breakthrough. But his office's refusal to provide even basic details on any of these cases makes it impossible to evaluate and confirm the true nature and extent of Hynes' claim.

And yesterday Ben Hirsch wrote a similar criticism in The Jewish Week:

Left to its own devices, the ultra-Orthodox leadership will continue covering up child molestation and harshly enforcing its version of "omerta." In the name of "cultural sensitivity," the Brooklyn DA will allow predators to devastate more lives.