Hateful Op-Ed Article in NY Newspaper Aims to Import Incitement Against Haredim in NY - English Translation

Der Yid
January 27, 2012

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New York - In the event that anyone still harbored illusions about the anti-Haredi incitement in Israel is targeting only "extremists" there, a hateful Op-ed article appeared this week in the New York Post written by a self-hating Jew, titled "A Jewish Civil War," suggesting that it "is not just Israel's problem but that here in New York, there is also a thriving ultra-Orthodox population."

"Because they tend to vote in blocs, the strictly Orthodox wield considerable political clout in local and state affairs. And, as in Israel, there is evidence of growing extremism — and even violence — among some segments of this population here," the writer says.

In a very lengthy article, the writer points to the Williamsburg-Borough Park bus line, in which seating is segregated [by gender], and the closing of a wig shop due to immodest mannequins in the shop's front windows. And, no, the shop was not in Williamsburg but in Midwood (yes, even Flatbush is too extreme for them...).

Further on he points to the efforts several years ago towards allowing the traditional practice of metzitzah b'peh (oral suction by a mohel) to continue, and here too he draws a parallel to events in Israel: Just as there [in Israel] they donned yellow badges to protest against the Zionist police forces, here, too, throughout the campaign, "rabbis compared NYC Health Commissioner Frieden and Mayor Bloomberg — both Jewish — to Nazis and the Russian czars."

In the end, Commissioner Frieden backed away from his intention to forbid the practice and issued only a letter advising against it. "The furor died down, with the practice ongoing to this day."

And you think that is all?! Here you have more evidence of how the strictly Orthodox "flex their political muscle": In 2010, Hasidic Williamsburg managed to remove bike lanes running through its neighborhood.

The writer lists a number of other examples as evidence of his position, including the actions of the "Chevra Shomrim" (private neighborhood patrols), which are allowed by the police to do their work (the same writer sharply attacked the Shomrim with baseless slander in the aftermath of their tireless work in the search for Leiby Kletzky, OBM), and also the various efforts of Agudath Israel of America. He warns that the Orthodox population is growing rapidly and they threaten to conquer American Jewry.

In short, if the local Agudah (Agudath Israel of America) crowd thought that by condemning the Israeli zealots they would find favor among the secular masses, the Post article shows that the anti-Haredi agitator sees no difference between the a 'bieber'-hat (Hasidic beaver-hat) and a 'kneitch'-hat (fedora), and the Midwood yeshiva-fellow is, to him, no better than the Jerusalem zealot.