Letters to The Editor - NY Post

January 29, 2012

Un-Godly fanatics

Ben Hirsch is correct that ultra-Orthodox extremism cannot usurp civil-rights laws or, in the worst example, be used to protect child predators ("A Jewish Civil War," PostScript, Jan. 22).

The Catholic Church was permitted to handle cases of sexual abuse by members of the clergy. Similarly, individuals have attempted to use sharia law as an excuse for the abuse and murder of Muslim women.

Laws exist for the protection of everyone, and no one should be allowed to hide behind religion to do harm.

Diane McVey, Scotch Plains, NJ

It's the so-called leaders of these faithful who must be ostracized for their cowardice and arrogance in encouraging and directing such activities.

Whether it's spitting on an innocent child, encouraging suicide bombers or teaching that racism is permissible, the words and actions of religious fanatics are a violent distortion of religious principles.

Leaders behind religious violence must be exposed. Hopefully, they'll crawl back into the shadows where they belong.

Jeffery Cohen, The Bronx