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1 Australian Catholic leaders reject key calls by child abuse inquiry 12/15/17 CNN
2 A decade after settling sex abuse cases, the Diocese of San Diego still copes with the fallout 09/10/17 San Diego Tribune
3 Largest sexual abuse settlements by Roman Catholic institutions in the U.S. 09/10/17 San Diego Tribune
4 Vatican Cardinal Charged With 'Historic Sexual Offenses' In Australia 06/29/17 NPR
5 Vatican Sex Abuse Scandal Reveals Blind Spot for Francis 06/29/17 NY Times
6 $1.5M settles claims against Lower Hudson Valley priests 05/23/17 The Journal News
7 Abuse survivor quits pope's commission citing 'shameful' resistance 03/02/17 Reuters
8 4,444 victims: extent of abuse in Catholic church in Australia revealed 02/05/17 The Guardian
9 Timothy Cardinal Dolan's compensation program has paid 31 victims abused by clergy 02/03/17 NY Daily News
10 Timothy Dolan Implements the Penn State Playbook for Child Sex Abuse Victims: The Best Argument Yet for SOL Reform 10/07/16
11 Archdiocese's new program is better than filing lawsuits for some abuse victims 10/06/16 NY Daily News
12 PA Senate approves controversial change in child-abuse law 07/01/16 The Pittsburgh Post Gazette
13 Statute of Limitations Lobbying Over Top 06/08/16 The Morning Call
14 Catholics urge church to support New York legislation that allows child abuse victims to seek justice as adults 06/05/16 NY Daily News
15 Pope Francis reveals new church law to deal with paedophile priests 06/04/16 The Guardian
16 Pope issues plan for removing bishops who fail to act on sex abuse 06/04/16 Crux
17 Lobbyists winning war for sexual predators 06/01/16 The Post Star
18 Catholic Church spent $2M on major N.Y. lobbying firms to block child-sex law reform 05/30/16 NY Daily News
19 US Catholic church has spent millions fighting clergy sex abuse accountability 05/12/16 The Guardian
20 Catholics who support N.Y. Child Victims Act want justice 05/04/16 NY Daily News
21 The Catholic Church’s defiance and obstruction on child sex abuse 04/19/16 Washington Post
22 Sheldon Silver accused of blocking bills to aid sexually abused kids after Catholic group hired his longtime aid as a lobbyist 04/09/16 NY Daily News
23 Catholic church against notice-of-claim law for sex abuse reporting 04/01/16 NY Daily News
24 'I only answer to God. Bishops don't bother me.' 03/22/16
25 New Catholic Bishops Told They Don’t Have to Report Sexual Abuse to Police 02/11/16 Newsweek
26 Church lawyer demands child sex abuse victim repay compensation after speaking to media 01/21/16 ABC News Australia
27 Judge rules documents be public in priest abuse case 01/16/16
28 What Pope Benedict Knew About Abuse in the Catholic Church 01/14/16 New Yorker
29 “Spotlight” and Its Revelations 12/08/15 The New Yorker
30 Pope Francis Ends Visit With Mass After Meeting Bishops and Inmates 09/27/15 NY Times
31 2 Bishops Resign in Minnesota Over Sexual Abuse Scandal 06/15/15 NY Times
32 Vatican Indicts Ex-Ambassador to Dominican Republic 06/15/15 NY Times
33 Pope Creates Tribunal for Bishop Negligence in Child Sexual Abuse Cases 06/09/15 NY Times
34 Top Vatican prosecutor failed to report abuser 11/23/14 Boston Globe
35 For Nuncio Accused of Abuse, Dominicans Want Justice at Home, Not Abroad 08/23/14 NY Times
36 Justice Denied for Abused Children 08/13/14 NY Times
37 Pope Asks Forgiveness From Victims of Sex Abuse 07/07/14 NY Times
38 Sex-Abuse Victims to Pope: Stop Begging for Forgiveness and Just Stop the Abuse 07/07/14 The Daily Beast
39 Megachurch Pastor Confesses to Protecting Child Molester for Years 05/16/14 Christian Post
40 At Least 1 in 120 Priests Worldwide Were Punished for Child Sex Abuse in the Last Decade 05/07/14 Slate
41 Clear Rules Eyed on Church Sex Abuse 05/03/14 NY Times
42 The Fight to Reveal Abuses by Catholic Priests 03/30/14 NY Times
43 U.N. Panel Criticizes the Vatican Over Sexual Abuse 02/05/14 NY Times
44 UN Report on Vatican Response to Child Abuse 02/05/14 United Nations
45 Israel ready to deport priest Grozovsky to Russia 01/17/14 Interfax
46 Pope Setting Up Commission on the Sexual Abuse of Children by Priests 12/05/13 NY Times
47 UN questions Vatican over child abuse cases 07/10/13 BBC News
48 The Church’s Errant Shepherds 07/06/13 NY Times
50 Cardinal Dolan and the Sexual Abuse Scandal 07/03/13 NY Times
51 Dolan Sought to Protect Church Assets, Files Show 07/01/13 NY Times
52 Church Whistle-Blowers Join Forces on Abuse 05/20/13 NY Times
53 The Trials of Father MacRae 05/10/13 Wall Street Journal
54 Archives Reveal LA Cardinal's Attempts to Head Off John Jay Investigation 04/23/13 National Catholic Reporter
55 Wisconsin: Church Will Release Files on Abuse 04/03/13 NY Times
56 How Rich Is the Catholic Church? 03/14/13
57 Archdiocese of Los Angeles settles four sex abuse cases for $10 million 03/12/13 NBC News
58 Give Up Your Pew for Lent 02/28/13 NY Times
59 Child Sexual Abuse: It's Not Just a Catholic Issue 02/27/13 Huffington Post
60 Pope Will Have Security, Immunity by Remaining in the Vatican 02/15/13 Reuters
61 Media Play Down Pope Benedict's Role in Sex Abuse Scandals 02/12/13 The Nation
62 What went wrong in the Catholic Church? 02/10/13 LA Times
63 Priests' Ecclesiastical Missteps Treated More Sternly Than Abuse 02/01/13 Los Angeles Times
64 The Cardinal and the Truth 01/27/13 NY Times
65 L.A. Church Leaders Sought to Hide Sex Abuse Cases From Authorities 01/21/13 Los Angeles Times
66 Sexual Abuse Files Cast Shadow on Los Angeles Cardinal 01/15/13 NY Times
67 The Dangerous Side Effects of Hierarchy 11/15/12 Eugene Cullen Kennedy
68 The Redemption of Sinead O'Connor 10/03/12 The Atlantic
69 Suffer the Children 09/10/12 NY Times
70 Kansas City Bishop Convicted of Shielding Pedophile Priest 09/06/12 NY Times
71 Bishop: I thought paedophilia was 'friendship that crossed a boundary line 09/05/12 Irish Examiner
72 Police Move On Priests Over Abuse 'Cover-up' 07/31/12 Sydney Morning Herald
73 Giving a Voice to Childhood Sex Abuse Victims 07/30/12 Northeast Times Star
74 Comeuppance for the Church Hierarchy 07/29/12 NY Times
75 Why the Summer of 2012 Will Go Down in History as the Breakthrough Summer for Child-Sex-Abuse Victims 07/26/12
76 Man Who Attacked Priest in Revenge is Not Guilty of Felonies 07/06/12 LA Times
77 Cardinal's Aide Is Found Guilty in Abuse Case 06/22/12 NY Times
78 Church Battles Efforts to Ease Sex Abuse Suits 06/14/12 NY Times
79 Philadelphia Lynn Trial Revives Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal 06/09/12 USA Today
80 Jury Breaks Without Verdict in Philadelphia Church Abuse Case 06/07/12 Reuters
81 In Milwaukee Post, Cardinal Authorized Paying Abusers 05/30/12 NY Times
82 Here Comes Nobody 05/20/12 NY Times
83 Good Shepherd’s Monsignor Brady Escapes Indictment On Sex Abuse Charges 05/11/12 Sheepshead Bites
84 Grand Jury Fails to Indict Monsignor Brady 05/11/12 Brooklyn Daily
85 Ireland: Catholic Church Leader Apologizes, but Will Not Resign 05/07/12 Reuters
86 The Passivity of the Catholic Church 05/06/12 Washington Post
87 The Powers of New York - The Catholic Church 05/05/12 NY Times
88 Judge Orders Kansas City Bishop To Stand Trial In Abuse Case 04/05/12 National Catholic Reporter
89 Philly Parish Told Pastor on ‘Health Leave’ When He Was in Sex Therapy After Complaint 03/27/12 Associated Press
90 Monsignor’s Role at Issue as Trial Opens 03/26/12 Philadelphia Inquirer
91 Supervising Priest Goes on Trial in Abuse Case 03/26/12 NY Times
92 Ex-Priest Admits Abusing an Altar Boy 03/22/12 Associated Press
93 Vatican Inquiry Finds Progress in Irish Abuse Scandal 03/20/12 NY Times
94 Clerical Abusers and the First Amendment 03/14/12 NY Times
95 Church Puts Legal Pressure on Abuse Victims' Group 03/12/12 NY Times
96 Clergy-Abuse Reporting Under Fire From DAs 03/05/12 Times Union
97 His Eminence in Denial 02/13/12 NY Times
98 Experts To Bishops: Pedophiles Lie, Trust Victims 02/07/12 Associated Press
99 Catholic Leaders Convene to Discuss Abuse Prevention 02/06/12 NY Times
100 Sex Abuse Must Be Reported To Police Not The Church, Vatican Says 02/06/12 Vos Iz Neias
101 Priest Accused Of Sex Abuse Honored At Marine Park Church’s Tree Lighting 01/03/12 NY Daily News
102 Former Bishop Will Meet With Irish Abuse Victims 12/20/11 NY Times
103 Penn State: A Familiar Dark Cloud, a Silver Lining 11/30/11 Richard B. Gartner, PhD
104 Irish Panel on Abuse Cites Failures by Church 11/30/11 NY Times
105 Ex-asst. Principal of Bx. Catholic School Gets No-jail Deal in Kiddie-porn Bust 11/22/11 NY Post
106 Vatican: Cardinal Who Resigned Amid Scandal Retires 11/22/11 NY Times
107 In Kansas City Churches, Tiptoeing Around the Latest Scandal 10/16/11 NY Times
108 Brooklyn Priest Charged with Attempted Sex Abuse 10/15/11 NBC News
109 Bishop Indicted; Charge Is Failing to Report Abuse 10/14/11 NY Times
110 Catholic Congregation in Quebec to Pay Up to $18 Million to Sex-abuse Victims 10/06/11 Global Montreal
111 Religious Groups and Bias Get the Justices’ Attention 10/05/11 NY Times
112 Abuse Victims Ask Court to Prosecute the Vatican 09/13/11 NY Times
113 Archdiocese Lists Priests Accused of Abuse 08/25/11 NY Times
114 All Roads Lead to Accountability 07/28/11
115 The End of Awe 07/23/11 NY Times
116 Philadelphia’s Cardinal, Amid Scandal, Is Said to Be Retiring 07/18/11 NY Times
117 Ireland Confronts the Vatican 07/14/11 NY Times
118 Irish Government Ask for Vatican Response to Abuse Report 07/14/11 NY Times
119 Onetime Priest Crusades for Abuse Victims Suing Catholic Church 06/19/11 CNN
120 Bishops Won’t Focus on Abuse Policies 06/17/11 NY Times
121 Catholic Bishops Uphold 2002 Sex Abuse Policy 06/17/11 NY Times
122 At the Nexus of Abuse and Execution 06/09/11 NY Times
123 The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010 06/06/11 John Jay College Research Team
124 An Archbishop Burns While Rome Fiddles 06/04/11 NY Times
125 Why People Stick by Scandal-Plagued Pastors 05/27/11 CNN
126 Let Him Prey: High-Ranking Jesuits Helped Keep Pedophile Priest Hidden 05/25/11 SF Weekly
127 The Vatican Comes Up Short 05/19/11 NY Times
128 Vatican Urges New Rules on Abuse by Clergy 05/16/11 NY Times
129 Suit Says Jesuits Ignored Warnings About Priest 03/28/11 NY Times
130 Catholic Order Reaches $166 Million Settlement With Sexual Abuse Victims 03/25/11 NY Times
131 Suspensions Force Bishops to Reassess Rule Changes 03/25/11 NY Times
132 Avenging Altar Boy 03/15/11 NY Times
133 Acts of Contrition 02/28/11 NY Times
134 Vatican Letter Warned Bishops on Abuse Policy 01/18/11 NY Times
135 A Monsignor Is Defrocked for Abusing a Student 12/17/10 NY Times
136 Vatican Shielded Dublin Priest Until He Raped Boy in Pub, Inquiry Says 12/17/10 Associated Press
137 Deaf Victim Of Sex Abuse Is Suing Pope, And Going Public With His Story For The First Time 09/23/10 CNN
138 Pope Apologizes for Abuse 09/18/10 NY Times
139 Rome Fiddles, We Burn 07/16/10 NY Times
140 Tone-Deaf in Rome 07/16/10 NY Times
141 Vatican Revises Abuse Process, but Causes Stir 07/15/10 NY Times
142 Abuse Took Years to Ignite Belgian Clergy Inquiry 07/13/10 NY Times
143 Church Office Failed to Act on Abuse Scandal 07/01/10 NY Times
144 In Rare Memo, Vatican Rebukes Cardinal 06/28/10 NY Times
145 Supreme Court Allows Sex-abuse Case to Proceed Against the Vatican 06/28/10 Christian Science Monitor
146 Warning About Church’s Abuse Documents Led Belgian Police to Raid Its Offices 06/28/10 NY Times
147 Pope Lashes Out at Belgium After Raid on Church 06/27/10 NY Times
148 Abuse Loosens Church’s Culture of Silence in Italy 06/26/10 NY Times
149 Pope Pleads for Forgiveness Over Abuse Scandal 06/11/10 NY Times
150 The Trial of Benedict XVI 05/27/10 Time Magazine
151 Complex Struggle: Prelate's Record in Abuse Crisis 05/17/10 NY Times
152 In Abuse Crisis, a Church Is Pitted Against Society and Itself 04/29/10 NY Times
153 Ministry by Priest Broke Deal, Suit Says 04/29/10 NY Times
154 Paying for the Sins of the Fathers, and of Others, Too 04/27/10 NY Times
155 A Better Chance at Justice for Abuse Victims 04/26/10 NY Times
156 Future Pope's Role in Abuse Case Was Complex 04/26/10 NY Times
157 Pope Named As Defendant In Lawsuit 04/24/10 NY Times
158 He Breaks Confidentiality Agreement and Story of Pedophile Priest Goes All Over the Globe 04/23/10
159 Vatican's Guidelines On Reporting Sexual Abuse 04/23/10 The Vatican
160 The Vatican for the first time issued guidelines telling bishops they should report cases of abusive priests to police where civil laws require it. 04/21/10 NY Times
161 Op-Ed: What New York Owes Victims of Sex Abuse 04/20/10 NY Daily News
162 Sexual Abuse and The Catholic Church 04/19/10 New Yorker
163 A Case of Selective Journalism? 04/16/10 David Rosen
164 Op-Ed: The Vatican Scandal And Us 04/02/10 Jewish Week
165 Lawyer Who Found Documents Has Long Pursued Church 03/29/10 NY Times
166 Changing the Vatican’s Response to Abuse 03/17/10 NY Times
167 German Church Leader Apologizes to Abuse Victims 03/12/10 NY Times
168 Editorial - The Law and Religion 01/18/10 Las Vegas Sun
169 Hundreds File Abuse Claims Against Jesuits 12/08/09 NY Times
170 Report Says Irish Bishops Covered Up Child Abuse 11/26/09 NY Times
171 Letters to the Editor - November 6, 2009 11/02/09 The Jewish Daily Forward
172 Assemblywoman Amends Child Sex Abuse Bill 06/03/09 NY Newsday
173 Bishop Avidly Opposes Bill Extending Time to File Child-Abuse Suits 06/03/09 NY Times
174 Sex Abuse Bill to Include Public Institutions, Too 06/03/09 NY Times
175 Sex Abuse Victims Lobby in Albany for Limitations Bill 06/01/09 NY Newsday
176 Molest-Bill Pols Catch Holy Hell 05/30/09 NY Post
177 States Need to Stop Telling Child Victims Theyre SOL 05/25/09 Huffington Post
178 Report Details Abuses in Irish Reformatories 05/20/09 NY Times
179 Abuse Survivors: Markey Bill Our Chance at Justice 04/20/09 NY Newsday
180 Showdown Over Bills on Sex-Abuse Statute 04/11/09 Jewish Week
181 Early Alarm for Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete on Abusers in the Clergy 04/09/09 NY Times
182 Abused Kids Pawns in Brooklyn Power Struggle? 04/02/09
183 Satmer-Backed Abuse Bill Excludes Many Adults 03/31/09 The Jewish Daily Forward
184 Editorial: A Window for Justice 03/21/09 NY Times
185 Religious Leaders Battle Abuse Bill in New York 03/11/09 NY Times
186 Sex-Abuse Statute of Limitations May Be Extended 03/10/09 Jewish Week
187 Sexual Abuse Survivors Join Debate over Extending Claims 03/10/09 The Jewish Daily Forward
188 The "Pedophile's Paradise" 02/03/09 the Stranger
189 Child Victims' Act Proponents Push Lawmakers for Passage 11/21/08 NY Law Journal
190 Abuse Victims Gather At Cardozo Conference 11/07/08 The Jewish Star
191 Pope Calls for Continuous Prayer to Rid Priesthood of Paedophilia 01/07/08 The Sunday Times
192 Some in Albany Want to Make Clergy Report Possible Abuse 03/16/02 NY Times