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1 Landmark Victory In Sex Abuse Cases 10/27/16 Jewish Week
2 Ultra-Orthodox Jewish School Promised $2.1 Million To Quiet Allegations It Protected A Child Molester 10/24/16 Gothamist
3 Brooklyn rabbi charged with teen sex assault gets 60 days in jail; DA ripped for offering light plea deal 02/26/16 NY Daily News
4 Advocate calls for global Jewish child-abuse commission 02/16/15 The Times of Israel
5 Abuse Advocates Weigh In On Thompson 08/13/14 Jewish Week
6 Brooklyn cantor pleads guilty to sex abuse that ends criminal case after six years 05/16/14 NY Daily News
7 Sex-abuse victims' fear stymies police 01/04/14 The Journal News
8 Hasidic Sex Abuse of Boys Is a Feminist Issue 11/17/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
9 The Child Rape Assembly Line 11/12/13 Vice
10 Judge's Ruling Is Big Victory to Y.U. in $380M Sex Abuse Suit, Experts Say 08/16/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
11 Hikind DA Choice Fuels Debate Over Endorsements 08/08/13 Jewish Week
12 Orthodox families in NYC and Rockland shunned for reporting sexual abuse 07/11/13 Rockland County Times
13 On Abuse Prosecutions, A Tale Of Two Cities 06/19/13 Jewish Week
14 Lakewood child abuse case: Father ostracized for going to police 06/17/13 Asbury Park Press
15 Charedi Communities: Safe Havens for Child Molesters 03/14/13 Ben Hirsch for UK Jewish News
16 UK Haredi Chief Caught Telling Alleged Victim Not to Tell Police About Abuse 01/24/13 Times of Israel
17 Nechemya Weberman, Hassidic Counselor Convicted of Sex Abuse, Sentenced to 103 Years in Prison 01/22/13 CBS 2 New York
18 Counselor Gets 103 Years For Sexual Abuse In Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community In Brooklyn 01/22/13 The Inquisitr
19 Whole New Nightmare For Teen Molest ‘Victim’ 01/14/13 NY Post
20 N.Y. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Counselor Convicted of Sex Abuse 12/11/12 Haaretz
21 Four Orthodox Jewish Men Arrested After Photographing Sex Abuse Victim 11/30/12 CBS News
22 Rumors of Rabbi’s Sexual Misconduct Raise Tensions Among UK Haredim 10/31/12 Times of Israel
23 Beating Highlights Orthodox Split With Police 10/18/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
24 Some Victims’ Advocates Balk On More Meetings With Brooklyn DA On Child Sex Abuse 09/05/12 Failed Messiah
25 WPIX Fluff Piece on Alleged Abuse at Camp Shalva 08/21/12 Rabbi Daniel Eidenson
26 Sex Offender Who Snuck into Sleepaway Camp 08/20/12 WPIX 11
27 Monsey Sex Offender Yoel Oberlander Slips Into Boys' Dorm, Cops Say 08/17/12 Newsday
28 Sex Offender Arrested After Crashing Orthodox Summer Camp 08/17/12 Jewish Press
29 Sex Offender Busted After Sneaking in Where Orthodox Jewish Kids Were Sleeping at Camp 08/16/12 NY Post
30 Abuse Allegations At Orthodox Camp Unfounded; Offender Arrested For Trespassing 08/16/12 Vos Iz Neias
31 Some Addenda on the Bobov Summer Camp Case 08/16/12 Yerachmiel Lopin
32 ‘Perv’ Preyed at Orthodox Summer Camp 08/12/12 NY Post
33 Calls Continue For Brooklyn DA To Take Action On Sex-Abuse Cases In Hasidic Community 06/08/12 CBS News
34 Brooklyn 'Perv' Rabbi Gershon Kranczer and Son on the Lam in Israel 06/03/12 NY Post
35 Protecting the Unholiest Sinners 05/24/12 NY Post
36 Credit Where Credit Is Due 05/19/12 NY Times
37 Hynes Considering Expert Panel To Deal With Witness Intimidation By Rabbis 05/17/12 Jewish Week
38 Fundraiser To Be Held In Brooklyn For Therapist Accused Of Sexually Abusing Young Girl 05/16/12 CBS News
39 Hebrew Posters Appeal For Money For Alleged Child Molester In Brooklyn 05/15/12 CBS News
40 Q & A With Times Reporters About Abuse in Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Communities 05/11/12 NY Times
41 Pressure Mounts on Brooklyn DA Over Orthodox Sex Abuse Cases 05/10/12 Guardian UK
42 Brooklyn DA Plays Sex-Abuse Politics 04/29/12 NY Post
43 Brooklyn DA Condemned For Not Prosecuting More Hasidic, Orthodox Jewish Sex Abusers 03/29/12 CBS News
44 Brooklyn DA Accused Of Failing To Tackle Orthodox Jews' Cover-Up Of Sex Abuse 03/29/12 Guardian UK
45 Silence And Self-Rule: Brooklyn's Orthodox Child Abuse Cover-Up 03/29/12 Guardian UK
46 Victim’s Father Determined To Break Cycle Of Abuse In Brooklyn’s Hasidic, Orthodox Communities 03/28/12 CBS News
47 A Jewish Civil War 01/21/12 Ben Hirsch for the NY Post
48 Critics Furious At Brooklyn DA For Refusing To Name Orthodox Child-Sex Suspects 12/18/11 NY Post
49 Renewed Firestorm Over Orthodox Sex Abuse in Brooklyn 12/15/11 Village Voice
50 Brooklyn D.A. Refuses To Name Child Sex Abusers 12/14/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
51 Is a Smokescreen Hiding the Issue of Abuse? 11/23/11 The Jewish Star
52 Jewish Newspaper Accuses Brooklyn DA Hynes of ‘Going Easy’ On Child Sex Offenders 11/23/11 Capitol Confidential
53 The Uphill Battle To Expose Abusers 11/22/11 Jewish Week
54 Child Sex Arrests Spike. Or Do They? 11/11/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
55 The Shomrim: Gotham's Crusaders 09/07/11 Village Voice
56 Leiby Kletzky Murder Spurs Stricter Child Laws In Orthodox Jewish Community 08/10/11 Huffington Post
57 Leiby Kletzky Killing Renews Calls For Oversight of Yeshivas 08/05/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
58 Orthodox Groups Clarify Positions on Reporting Child Abuse 07/27/11 JTA
59 Are The Boro Park Shomrim More Reliable Than the Police? 07/22/11 The Yiddish Forward
60 English Translation of Yiddish Forward Article "Are the Shomrim of Boro Park More Reliable than the Police?" 07/22/11 The Yiddish Forward
61 Kamenetsky: Report Child Abuse to Rabbis, Not Police 07/21/11 JTA
62 Tragedy In Borough Park Puts Shomrim Under Scrutiny 07/19/11 Jewish Week
63 Ohel Campaign To Bolster Image Questioned 05/31/11 Jewish Week
64 Ultra-Orthodox Group Affirms Abuse Cases Go First To Rabbi 05/25/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
65 NYU Wagner Newsletter 04/12/11 Prof. Steven M. Cohen, Director, Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner
66 Yehuda Kolko Arrested 11/20/10 The Jewish Star
67 Has The Silence Been Broken? 10/28/10 The Jewish Star
68 Day Schools Focusing On Combating Abuse 09/15/10 Jewish Week
69 Suffering in Silence: A News 12 Special Report 08/31/10 News 12 Long Island
70 Rabbi's, Time to Flash Your Badges 08/04/10 Jewish Press
71 Letter To the Editor - Jewish Star 7/23/10 07/23/10 Ben Hirsch to the JS
72 Op-Ed: Honoring the Badge 07/22/10 The Jewish Star
73 Beis Medrash Govoha Implicated In Preventing Police From Following Up Sexual Abuser 07/07/10 The Jewish Star
74 פֿאַר וואָס באַשטראָפֿט מען ניט די סעקסועלע באַלעסטיקער פֿון ייִדישע קינדער? 07/03/10 Yiddish Forward
75 English Translation of Yiddish Forward Article 07/02/10 Yiddish Forward
76 Out Of The Shadows 06/22/10 Jewish Week
77 Jewish Community Still Behind On Confronting Abuse 06/22/10 Jewish Week
78 More Sabo Victims Revealed 05/05/10 The Jewish Star
79 The Ultra-Orthodox Face Up to Abuse 05/05/10 Guardian UK
80 Camp Directors Learn About Preventing Abuse 05/05/10 The Jewish Star
81 Victims' Advocate Accused of Misconduct 04/23/10 The Jewish Star
82 New Square Appoints Vaad To Deal With Sexual Abuse 04/21/10 The Jewish Star
83 Op-Ed: The Next Step In Preventing Sexual Abuse 04/21/10 The Jewish Star
84 Orthodox Patrol Group Says Call 911 On Pedophiles 04/20/10 Jewish Week
85 Lebovits Sentenced Up To 32 Years In First Trial 04/13/10 The Jewish Star
86 Brooklyn Molester Prison-Bound 03/10/10 The Jewish Star
87 Op-Ed: Rabbinic Leaders Silent On Child Sexual Abuse 03/09/10 Jewish Week
88 New State Funding For Sex Abuse Awareness 03/02/10 Jewish Week
89 Mondrowitz Escapes Another Trial 01/20/10 The Jewish Daily Forward
90 Accused Child Molester Wins First Battle Against Extradition To U.S. 01/20/10 Haaretz
91 Israel Sets Mondrowitz Free 01/20/10 The Jewish Star
92 Mondrowitz May Have Been Treating Boys Long After Indictment 01/18/10 Jewish Week
93 Editorial - The Law and Religion 01/18/10 Las Vegas Sun
94 Israeli Supreme Court: No Extradition For Mondrowitz; Brooklyn DA 'Disappointed' 01/14/10 Jewish Week
95 Mondrowitz Extradition Denied by Israel's Supreme Court 01/14/10 Five Towns Jewish Times
96 Did Brooklyn DA Chase Sex Abuser? 12/10/09 The Jewish Daily Forward
97 Orthodox End Silence On Sex Abuse 11/28/09 Asbury Park Press
98 Suicide Newlywed Was Sex-Abused 11/19/09 The Jewish Chronicle
99 Ultra-Orthodox Jews No Longer Ignoring Child Sex Abuse 10/14/09 Edge
100 Pursuit of Sex Abuse Cases Grows Among Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jews 10/13/09 NY Times
101 Judge: Orthodox Protect Abusers, Not Victims 10/05/09 Jewish Week
102 Breaking the Silence 12/06/08 Jewish Week
103 Sexual Abuse Complaints Subpoenaed 11/11/08 NY Times