News Articles Mentioning Metziza B'Peh
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1 City Council vows action on controversial circumcision 03/16/17 NY Post
2 De Blasio Seen In Bind On Bris Ritual 03/14/17 Jewish Week
3 Do New Hasidic Circumcision Illnesses Show New York’s Rules Are Toothless? 03/14/17 The Jewish Daily Forward
4 City evaluating Hasidic community’s cooperation in herpes cases 03/13/17 NY Post
5 De Blasio administration considering starting over on metzitzah b'peh 03/12/17 Politico
6 De Blasio never enforced agreement to ID mohels with herpes 03/10/17 NY Post
7 ‘Code of silence’ blocking DOH from finding herpes-infecting mohelim 03/10/17 NY Post
8 NYC Board of Health reports new case of herpes resulting from circumcision rite 03/09/17 JTA
9 New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision 03/08/17 NY Post
10 Statement Regarding NYC Board of Health Vote Rescinding Regulation of Metzitzah B’Peh 09/10/15 Agudath Israel of America
11 De Blasio submits names for health board 05/18/15 Capital New York
12 Metzitzah And The Safety Of New York’s Children 03/18/15 Jewish Week
13 Protect the babies first from risks of circumcision rite 03/01/15 NY Daily News
14 A Bad Call on Risky Circumcisions 02/27/15 NY Times
15 De Blasio circumcision deal puts health officials in a tough spot 02/26/15 Capital New York
16 City ready to abandon consent forms for circumcision ritual 02/24/15 Capital New York
17 Mayor de Blasio Is Set to Ease Rules on Circumcision Ritual 02/24/15 NY Times
18 N.Y. mayor must outlaw dangerous circumcision rite before another baby dies 12/31/14 Haaretz
19 N.Y. newborn contracts herpes from controversial circumcision rite 02/02/14 JTA
20 Best Of 5773: The Top 7 Criminals And Bad Boys 09/04/13 Heeb Magazine
21 Protect newborns, not an ancient ritual 08/02/13 NY Daily News
22 Molestation Cases Must Be Handled by G’dolim, Not by ‘Experts’ 05/26/13 Jewish Press
23 Circumcision, Herpes, and Religious Freedom 04/10/13 Washington Post
24 David Zwiebel - Forward 50 11/09/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
25 From Circumcision To Molestation, How the Orthodox Place Children at Risk 05/17/12 The Daily Beast
26 Children in Peril in New York 03/08/12
27 Hateful Op-Ed Article in NY Newspaper Aims to Import Incitement Against Haredim in NY - English Translation 01/27/12 Der Yid
28 A Jewish Civil War 01/21/12 Ben Hirsch for the NY Post
29 An Inside Account of the Metzitza B'peh Controversy 05/18/06 Cross Currents